The March of the Living is a program funded by Jewish Federations of Canada-UIA and by local UJA and CJA Federations.

Applications: High School Program

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Applications: Adult March of the Living

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Love, Hate & Indifference: A March of the Living Alumni Project

This summer, amidst a war in Israel and while Jews around the world were facing blatant Antisemitism, March of the Living alumni decided that their voices needed to be heard.

Part one of four: Standing in Solidarity with Jewish People around the World

Part two of four: Standing in Solidarity with the People of Israel

Part three of four: Antisemitism vs. Anti Zionism

Part four of four: MOL: We Remember

2015 Adult Mission Information

2015 March of the Living

Join thousands of people from around the world for an experience that will last a lifetime.

April 12 – 27, 2015*

*Dates subject to change

Registration Opens Online: September 22, 2014

In POLAND, the March of the Living takes place on Holocaust Remembrance Day, when thousands of students march together the 3-kilometer distance separating Auschwitz from Birkenau.

In ISRAEL, participants will celebrate the 67th anniversary of Israel on Independence Day together with young people from Israel and other parts of the world.

You could be one of the 600 Canadians privileged to take part in this International event!

Please see Regional Information for information sessions in your area.