2011 March of the Living Follow Up Survey

Selected Comments

How did your experience contribute to one, or more, of the goals set by the March of the Living?

1.      I needed to see what my parents went through.

2.      I loved witnessing the relationships that came out of the March of the Living – the bonding from the moment we got on the bus.

3.      I worry about how this program (the March of the Living) will continue once we no longer have the wonderful survivors to make the Polish part of the trip so vital and important. I believe that the students were very responsive to the survivors and this relationship enabled them to connect to the tragedy of the Holocaust. We are so fortunate to have survivors who are invested in teaching and bearing witness for all those who perished and survived. It is hard to imagine a program without them. And I think of their stories often and feel privileged to have heard them speak.

4.      [Because of the March of the Living] I’m indescribably much more significantly proud of being Jewish and being a human example for my religion’s existence.

5.      I think that I was greatly effected by the March of the Living, especially the part of understanding destruction to rebirth. I think the transition that the March of the Living trip gives us is incredible. We go a full week through destruction and then come to the land of Israel to only experience nothing but rebirth of a Jewish nation.

6.      I was definitely moved by what the survivors had to say in general. I believe that they are a crucial part of the March of the Living experience.

7.      I loved this trip. Even though i found Poland a bit long, and Israel WAY too short, I really loved this trip. I have now a much deeper appreciation for Israel. Now I know that it is our home. If anything were to (G-D forbid) happen in Canada against the Jews, I would go straight to Israel. I loved the trip. I recommend it to EVERYONE! Even if they think they wont be able to do it mentally, they should push themselves.

8.      I thought that the March of the Living was a very meaningful experience. Going to Israel just made it all that much more significant. We first visited what Once Was where many of our grandparents and great-grandparents lived, and then left for our home land, the sign of hope for the Jewish people. It was by far the most emotional and effective trip I have ever done. I can go on and on for hours about my March of the Living experience, but there is too much to say, positively. I loved my bus and my staff. My chaperon was wonderful with me and the other people in my group. She is a very kind-hearted person always ready to give you support or just a hug if you need one. She was very devoted to the purpose of the March of the living and was very experienced since it was her fifth March. My tour staff/educator (Mark) was absolutely amazing, I have no words! He knew every little detail about every single place we visited in Poland and Israel. The way he recited to us the stories of holocaust survivors was very unique. He is funny, smart, informal and was always ready to give a helping hand. I have absolutely no complaints about any of my staff and I hope Mark will return as an educator for the upcoming Montreal March of the Living, as a few of my friends are participating in it next year. The trip was an unforgettable experience.

9.      The March of the Living was an educational, fun, sad, and all around perfect experience. I loved every minute of it.

10.    First of all I would like to say that if I could do the March of the Living every single year I would. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for such a long time. My grandparents were in the Holocaust and my whole life’s morals and family have been based on the events that occurred to them and so many other Jews. My other side of the family are all Israelis there for 12 generations. They were the families who were exiled in the Spanish Inquisition, so to be a child of family who goes back to the 2 most horrible times of the Jews is very special to me. I will never stop learning and teaching about the holocaust. I have spoken at 4 synagogues already and I don’t stop being interviewed, questioned and writing about it. I answer anyone who asks me questions, I teach people who do not know a lot about it (including my family) and I have watched over 30 videos, and ready tons of books on the topic of the holocaust. I would call my self a proud Jew that will never stay quiet about what happened.

11.    The March of the Living was an unbelievable experience. It was a very difficult trip, emotionally. Having people around you all the time, makes things all the better and if it weren’t for some of my good friends this trip would not be the same. I feel like I witnessed things that I needed to see. Going to Israel was an unreal experience. All in all the March of the Living was incredible and I hope that all Jewish kids can get an opportunity to go on this amazing trip.

12.    I believe that the March of the Living was a very meaningful experience for me and touched me deeply.

13.    During the march I realized the strong connection that I feel with Israel, especially during the Yom HaZikaron ceremony.

14.    I think as someone who wanted to learn more about my Jewish heritage, I truly benefited in learning about the past and the present, about the strength of the Jewish people. I think experiencing these values in such circumstances have helped me become an overall better person.

15.    My March of the Living experience met the goals of making me more proud of my Jewish identity, learning about our history within Poland as well as Israel, and from this education making sure I will tell the stories of the survivors and the holocaust will never happen again.

16.    The March of the Living changed my life. At 17 years old, and with 7 years of Jewish education anything I knew from home vanished, and in came vivid images and sounds. There is no other trip like the March of the Living out there, and the fact that it unifies Jewish people from all across the globe like South Africa and Brazil is mesmerizing. Since being on the March my outlook on life is completely different, though I am still generally optimistic; I no longer only see the best in people. The trip has helped me to understand that inside of everyone there is both good and bad, but in the end one emotion will conquer. Never had I felt to close to 40 other kids my age before, nor had I ever trusted such a large group of kids so much. The people on my bus became my family and they took care of me when during the tears both happy and sad. The March of the Living is not simply a vacation, or an educational trip, but an experience that is life altering. Never will I forget that things I saw or the testimonies I heard; and never will forget the 6 million that perished.

17.    I was someone who didn’t care. I wasn’t proud to be Jewish. I listened to the Israelis talk about how they’re not scared to go to war because they want to fight for their country. They risk their lives every day so Jews everywhere will have a place to go. After listening to that I am proud to be Jewish. I’m proud to be the same kind of person as people who would do that for their people. I wouldn’t have experienced that change if it wasn’t for March of the Living.

18.    The March of the Living as a whole truly changed my perspective of life in a positive manner. I now more and more see the glass half full rather than half empty. I now recognize, realize and appreciate all that is in front of me and all that I have. I am truly proud of who I am and of my past. I have a lot to live for and a lot to look up to, and having my Jewish identity and knowledge will only help me lead to a greater future. I will never forget but I will always remember.

19.    I knew about the holocaust before and understood what my grandparents had to go through. When I walked through Auschwitz with my grandmother around my neck and my shirt with all my perished family members it made me very emotional.

20.    I’m very glad and happy that I went on the March. I met and bonded with many new people and was able to experience the bad times and amazing ones with them, including the guides and leaders. I felt that I appreciated everything we saw.

21.    The March of the Living gave me everything I expected, and so much more. I feel like I have become a different person, and a more Jewish person. Even though I am not religious, this trip gave me such a strong connection to my religion, and I feel as though I have truly developed a Jewish identity. I saw things on the March that I can never unsee. I will never forget.

22.    The March of the Living was the most amazing experience of my life. Not only did I meet tons of great new people that I religiously keep in touch with, but it opened my eyes. I go to a Jewish school, so I know a lot about the Holocaust and I’ve heard and read stories from survivors. Seeing everything in reality, made me better understand the Holocaust and I appreciated it so much.

23.    One of my important “take aways” from the March of the Living is that “it matters”. It matters if we stand up, it matters that we remember, it matters that Israel is here… .

24.    I have always loved Israel but after this visit I truly gained a better understanding of the hardship that the people of Israel endure to keep the State of Israel safe for all Jews. I feel a stronger connection and need to do more for Israel in the Diaspora. There is no doubt that I gained a better understanding of my role as a child of two survivors. It is now my duty to teach the next generation about the Holocaust and it’s lessons. I am more passionate now to become more involved in Holocaust Education after my visit to Poland. I plan to be a docent at the Holocaust Education Centre in Toronto.


26.    To have seen the “growth” first hand of 40 young enlightened people was astonishing and if we changed each of these 40 people in one way by making them realize the enormity of the atrocity and get them to talk to 40 more people and make them realize we have achieved the first step of a lifetime of realizing!

27.    Coming from Poland to Israel really taught me the importance of appreciating everything that I have especially the state of Israel and my freedom to practice my Judaism. It has also taught me the importance of cherishing and sustaining my Jewish identity today (keeping the holidays, learning torah, keeping the mitzvot, learning hebrew etc.) and the state of Israel (remembering the hardships that the soldiers endured to establish a state, planting trees in Israel, participating in the Walk for Israel,standing up for Israel etc.) I learned that even though the Jews endured many horrors during the Holocaust, and we have to remember these horrors, it is important and crucial to keep the memory alive by keeping the Jewish culture and identity alive today. The most meaningful experience for me was the March from Auschwitz to Birkenau. Even though this was a somber March, seeing all the people made me proud to be a Jew and made me appreciate the strength and courage that the Holocaust survivors had. It taught me that the Jewish culture and identity will live on. The March in Israel made me very proud to be a Jew and showed me all the hope for the Jews in the future.

28.    The March of the Living goal that had the strongest impact on me was the realization of the importance of Israel. The March did a good job of teaching us about this and why we need to help defend Israel.

29.    First of all, after visiting the camps and hearing all those stories in the place where they actually happened, I feel like I am truly a witness, like I experienced perhaps the ghost of the atrocities that transpired there. Those are images that will surely stay with me for the rest of my life. The March was also successful in making me introspect and contemplate my Jewish identity, my personal values and my future plans. The experience in Israel was really surreal for me, as a former Israeli resident, and really made me see Israel in a different light and finally hear the different opinions and political views from people that are knowledgeable yet not too biased. I now feel more obligated and inclined to go back and serve in the army after i graduate high school, something that i never seriously thought about doing. The International parts of the March also gave me that great feeling of a global Jewish community, and the fact that so many people make the effort of travelling to Poland and israel for that purpose was truly overwhelming and inspirational. It made me feel like Israel is not just that little country, but it has many people who will support it at times of crisis.

30.    The March gave me a deeper understanding of the Holocaust and showed me that we need to really fight to make sure that it never happens again, and to do everything we can to fight against anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. I also became even more proud to be Jewish and I realized how important it is to show our pride and our love of Israel, and to be involved in the community.

31.    The March has given me the knowledge and tools to be able to have concrete proof of the holocaust, to use against any person who would deny it. The March also gave me a me a new appreciation for Israel, since it was after Poland.

32.    Seeing the almost complete and brutal destruction of the Jewish people …and then going to Israel and just seeing an overwhelming abundance of love, joy, happiness and most of all seeing us Jews, how we practically rose up from the ashes in the ground to a proud nation that we have today.

33.    I think that the March allowed me to appreciate the strong Jewish Nation and everything that our ancestors have provided us.

34.    To write down in a box how I felt about the trip is impossible. I cant put into words how much this trip changed me as a person. The experience I had on the March was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I am looking forward to all of the post programming the March of the Living has to offer as well as returning to Israel in the next few years.

35.    After the March of the Living, I became a more proud Jew who wants to learn more about our history and about our future.

36.    The biggest thing the March of the Living did for me was it gave me a better appreciation, though I already had a great appreciation, for Israel, as it showed me after seeing all of Poland, and how hard Hitler tried to wipe us out of existence, we still have a strong, free, Jewish state today.

37.    I have been completely enlightened by this trip. My whole life the Holocaust was all textbook, and to see it and feel it really made me understand what actually happened. Going to Israel after this horrible week really made me realize how important of a role Israel has in Jewish life and survival of the Jewish people.

38.    By going on the March and visiting all of the places that I did and hearing multiple survivors speak, I believe that it has helped me in achieving the March’s goal of never forgetting, and remembering and TELLING our survivors stories when they no longer can.

39.    After the March, I am much more proud to be Jewish.

40.    As a result of the March of the Living, I have become very passionate about educating non-Jews about the Holocaust. I believe that if I find a way to educate many non-Jews and force them to understand the tragedies that occurred, anti-Semitism will not gain power ever again.

41.    The March of the Living definitely achieved their goal of deeply affecting me by the experience. I have gained so much from the trip, and am so thankful that I had the opportunity to experience such an event. It has changed me as a person, and I realize this day by day. Not a day goes by where I do not recall moments or think about the experience.

42.    The March of the Living is overall great experience.

43.    Participating on the March has only deepened my thoughts and understanding of the Holocaust and its effects on European Jewry. I have a better understanding of where my grandfather lived, how he grew up, and the challenges that he had faced. In addition, visiting Israel for my second time had a completely different meaning, especially considering the places that we had prior been to in Poland. I didn’t realize how proud I was to be Jewish, and how thankful that I am to have the State of Israel, until we saw the soldiers the morning of our arrival. Seeing them so proud of who they are and what they defend made me feel that I would be able to return to Canada knowing that our country’s future is in good hands. Lessons that I have learned about tolerance will stay with me forever as a constant reminder to help those in need and that racism cannot be tolerated.

44.    The March of the Living was an educational, yet fun, meaningful, life changing experience.

45.    Appreciation for the state of Israel is something that deeply affected me. The state of Israel has never and will never be more beautiful then after Poland. I have discovered a deep obligation to enlist in the Israeli Army after seeing everything and how much they do for us. They are the protection for Jews all over the world, not only the state of Israel.

46.    The March made me want to learn more about the world. It really inspired me to do community service in places where children especially are being deprived of a future. It made me want to use my resources as a human being to help those in need. It made me want to protect the country that no matter what will accept me because I am a Jew.

47.    The March made me want to change to world and I look forward to figuring out myself what that means and what i can do. Also, it gave me a newfound understanding of Israel’s importance.

48.    Our chaperones, tour guides, staff and chairmen really cared about what we got out of this experience and really submersed themselves into knowing the knowledge and understanding how we would handle each moment of the trip. Having them there really helped me to understand what went on and what was the main point of this trip. I feel that the goals of the March of the Living were very much expressed throughout the trip and we were shown how we can attain these goals and how some of them have already been met.

49.    The March of the Living hits you harder than you think it will once you return.

50.    I definitely have an even greater appreciation for the state of Israel and its importance to the Jewish people, and also the importance of protecting it. I have a greater desire to ensure nothing like what happened in the Holocaust ever happens again, to anyone. I will now never take anything for granted, will appreciate everything that I have. I realize how lucky I am to be alive, and how I know have a duty to act, and use the time I have for the betterment of mankind, and the destruction of evil. I realize that it is my duty to teach, not only act myself, but educate future generations, and other people of my generation about what happened, and ensure that the sacrifices made by my ancestors are never ever forgotten.

51.    The March made me realize that “never again” refers not only to the Jews but to all men, everywhere.

52.    I have learnt the important messages of the March of the Living and will hopefully embrace them for my future life.

53.    The March of the Living was honestly amazing. I really learned a lot and the experience in Poland was truly memorable.

54.    I was very strongly impacted by the experience of actually being in the sights like Yar Hayeladim and the death camps listening to the incredible survivors share their stories. The March definitely inspired me to want to change the world and speak out against injustice, as well as ensuring that Jewish life continues and that the memories of the 6 million are passed on and stay alive forever.

55.    As a result of the March of the Living, I will get my grandfather to record his story so it can never be forgotten.

56.    It is hard to say how the March’s goal of “To never again allow for the unchecked rise of the menace of Antisemitism” is achieved, because I think Jews and non-Jews alike need to be a witness to everything we saw in Poland, to be reminded how one people was targeted, isolated, dehumanized, and exterminated by other human beings. Only then, when people come face to face with the atrocities of the Holocaust, will people question what a baseless hatred can lead to and begin to question their own beliefs.

57.    The March of the Living has helped me understand our obligation to make a positive difference in this world and better appreciate the world in which I live.

58.    This experience goes beyond words, its difficult to find the right and proper way to share the feelings of taking a tour through our history. We were lucky to have a survivor on our tour, and the overall impact of the tragedy of the holocaust leaves me at a loss of words. …We that have done the tour have a new found strength that I feel will carry us through and will be sure to tell in detail over and over again what we saw and learnt. It is hard to know what to do with all of this information, as it must be something meaningful. I am sure with time we will find a way to create programs, or events to bring what we saw in Poland to the community here in Canada or the world at large.


General thoughts and feelings about the March of the Living

1.      I just wanted to thank the organization again for a life changing, eye opening experience. It was a privilege to meet the survivors and an honor to hear their stories.

2.      I loved this program and am very happy I participated. I would like to visit Poland some day to explore more about the Jewish community that existed before the war. I knew that I would feel bereft at the camps, etc, but I was surprised that I felt such sorrow at the loss of the more intangible aspects of Jewish life including community. That has really haunted me and I keep thinking as I always have about individual lives lost, what our communities would look like today if the Holocaust had never happened.

3.      I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the March of the Living and I would highly recommend this experience.

4.      The March of the Living is an excellent learning experience. I recommend it to everyone.

5.      Most amazing trip!!!!!! Had the best time and learnt so much more. It really is surreal to see what we did in Poland. And it was my first time to Israel, and I completely fell in love with it.

6.      The March of the Living was a trip of a lifetime. I learnt so much and I’m so proud to be Jewish.

7.      The March was incredible. I just want to take the time to thank all of the staff who put in hard work to make my experience a memorable one.

8.      Great Trip! very meaningful and nothing needs to be changed!

9.      I thought the March of the Living was a very well done trip and I would have done it over again if I had the chance. I miss MOL already.

10.    I had a great experience on the March. It was very moving, both in Poland and in Israel.

11.    I think MOL is a great experience for one who wants to learn more about themselves: as a Jewish person, as a human. I’ve learned about what I am capable of socially, and universally, as a young Jewish woman in today’s world. I have learned to love and embrace my Jewish identity more than ever before.

12.    Like birthright, every Jew has the right and is obliged to be a participant on the March of the Living. It is something we must all witness no matter how hard it is to see, because no matter if you are Jewish or not, we must understand.

13.    The March of the Living has been the greatest experience ever. I feel connected to God even more and to Judaism. I learned so much and I was deeply affected. I loved this trip and loved everything about it.

14.    The March of the Living is a terrific opportunity for those who can attend. I was skeptical on going at first, but after having my grandparents as survivors and hearing their stories, my views for this trip changed. The March truly affected me and throughout I kept writing in my journal my feelings and wrote reflections when I got home to read and to share forever. The past is so shocking and unreal that it should never be forgotten and everyone should understand, or at least try to understand it. I now have the honour to share the stories. All in all, this trip was excellent and I encourage those to always attend, I would even think about doing it again.

15.    The March of the Living was an unbelievable experience.

16.    The March of the Living as it is now is AMAZING. there is basically nothing that NEEDS change, the March really is amazing, something every Jew should do.

17.    Going on the March, I did not know what to expect. Every single second of my trip was educational and taught me so much. The emotions I felt during those two weeks were overwhelming at times but I feel like I came back a different person. The program was so well thought-out, it was very organized and we were prepared for every activity (mentally and physically). I think the fact that we had the privilege to have such amazing survivors with us this year was incredible. I could not imagine the trip without them. I met so many great people and I learned so much about myself, my identity, the Shoah and of course the true meaning of life.

18.    The March of the Living was incredible, an amazing experience that taught me so much and that allowed me to feel so much. I will remember it for the rest of my life.

19.    The March of the Living was truly a life changing experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is contemplating it. It truly taught me how important it is to stand up for what i believe in, to fight Anti-Semitism and it also reassured me how proud I am to be a Jew.

20.    The March of the Living was the greatest trip of my life in every way possible.

21.    The March of the Living is probably one of the most meaningful experiences that I will ever get to have. During our Shabbaton (before the March), we talked about “aha!” moments. At that point, I felt as though I had none. Today, I have so many to choose from thanks to this unbelievable trip. I truly cannot describe the feelings that I had on the trip, but strongly believe that EVERY jew (or non-jew) needs to experience it.

22.    I do not believe any program, anyone or anything can prepare you for the March of the Living, because it has a different impact on everyone. I was not entirely ready for what I saw and witnessed but I think that is part of the experience. The trip pushes you to your breaking point, and makes you really think about your life, and the lives of those who perished and survived. It was an incredible trip that will never be forgotten.

23.    The March of the Living was one of the most important things that I have had an opportunity to participate in. We are so fortunate in our community to have this opportunity.

24.    As a participating survivor I confirm and admire the attention of the students . I hope that my presence and stories will have a lasting impact. I will always treasure the experience. Shalom, Ernie.

25.    The March is one of the most important mechanisms we have to educate, and build Jewish identity.

26.    It was a profound experience for me. It exceeded my expectations. I thought the March of the Living staff was amazing and dealt with all issues appropriately. THANK YOU for giving me this opportunity. I hope I have made a difference to the students and I hope to continue in this path.

27.    Thank you for making the March of the Living the amazing experience that it was! It was truly life changing and I cant wait to go back to Israel!

28.    The March of the Living was the most memorable experience in my life.

29.    I am so grateful to have gone on such a meaningful experience. It was life-changing. I have learned life-long lessons that I will promise myself to repeat unto others. I have also promised myself to go back to Israel. I simply cannot wait to go back to my homeland.

30.    Great trip overall. I am still amazed at how everything from the big things to the little things was ready and there for us…and I am simply amazed at the brilliance of the coordination and logistics of the trip.

31.    It was a very important experience that I will cherish forever and NEVER FORGET.

32.    It is a life-changing trip that I will never forget. Thank you MOL for giving me this opportunity!

33.    I enjoyed my March of the Living Experience on the whole. I hope to either participate again either on the adult trips or as a chaperone as this trip taught me never to forget. I really appreciated the hard working staff and chaperones and want to thank them for their dedication and for all they instilled in me throughout the trip. This was truly a trip of a life time and I got meaning out of every minute of it. Thank you for making this trip so special!

34.    I really enjoyed the March of the living and thought it was such an eyeing opening trip. I feel that this trip is an essential part of my history and legacy and that the best way to experience a trip like this is to do it in a large group with lots of people who can support you. I would recommended this trip to my friends and family that I feel need a better understanding of the Jolocaust or someone who needs help understanding there Jewish identity.

35.    I am so incredible blessed to have gone on this trip. Through understanding better my past, I have learned more of myself and of the rest of the Jewish Community world wide. This trip has brought out a new light in me to be more involved in the lives of those who thrive for help around the world, so that Never Again should there be a single person who’s life is threatened, simply because they are who they are.

36.    Overall an absolutely amazing trip.

37.    I believe that every Jew should participate and experience the March. I can talk about it and discuss my experience but there is nothing like seeing this yourself because words just can’t describe the emotion that comes upon you. My parents will be going next year on the adult trip because of my words.

38.   The March of the Living has been a life changing experience for me, one that I will surely not forget, and more importantly one that will hopefully push me to stand up for Jews and the state of Israel in the future, so that I can contribute in making “Never Agian”, a REALITY! The March of the Living really changed me, more than I thought it would, and helped me in seeing how I personally can make a difference, and hopefully I can inspire others to make a difference as well!

39.    The March of the Living was an incredible and very moving experience that I will remember and be affected by for the rest of my life. It gave me further knowledge about the Holocaust and allowed me to put it in to perspective as much as possible. I am so fortunate that I could go to Poland and Israel along with many amazing survivors and students my own age. I will recommend this program to every Jew and continue to up my game in every situation that occurs. Thank you for a very special and influential journey of a lifetime.

40.    The March of the Living was an eye-opening experience. I didn’t think it was possible to feel so connected to people who perished long before I was born and to feel such a yearning to share their stories with the world. I now feel a great responsibility to live my life to the fullest, not only for myself but to make up for all the Jewish children who did not have a chance to take advantage of their own intelligence and motivation when their lives were cut short. I have developed a greater appreciation for my family and friends after hearing the stories of all the survivors who did not have a chance to say goodbye to many of their own family members and friends. I feel an obligation to educate the Jewish and non-Jewish community about the Holocaust to ensure that no such tragedy ever occurs again. My hope is to find a way to educate many students at my school about the Holocaust and to inspire those who did not have the privilege to go on the March of the Living to feel the same passion that I do right now. It was definitely the most meaningful two weeks of my life and I’m very grateful that I had the opportunity to go on this trip.

41.    The March of the Living was an opportunity that changed my life. I appreciate things more, and see things differently. I am more educated, knowledgeable, and interested in the Holocaust.

42.    To say that I had a great trip is a complete understatement. Still, even weeks after I have returned, the trip is all I can talk and think about. I have made amazing new friends through the March. I had the best chaperones in the world as well as the best tour guide. I learned about myself walking through the death camps, about how I am incredibly fortunate to be living, when 6 million Jews were brutally wiped out. This trip has driven me to become more involved in Israeli and Jewish activism. I recently spoke at my shul about the trip. Many people, including survivors, that I didn’t know, came up to me with tears in their eyes telling me how proud they were that I went on the March, and how they wish that they were strong enough to do something similar. I hope to speak again at my shul, telling people how important it is to learn first hand about the places we visited in order to preserve that piece of our Jewish heritage and identity. I have no complaints about any part of the trip. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for providing me with the means and knowledge to continue to advocate for Israeli and Jewish rights, but also for allowing me to learn about about my past, and who I am today. I have recommended the trip to everyone I know. Thank you once again for providing me with the most meaningful and unbelievable experience of my life, and I’m looking forward to post programming and other things in the future to keep the lessons learned from this trip alive.

43.    Great and meaningful trip. Extremely worth it. Thank you.

44.    I had the most amazing experience of my life on this trip. It’s very difficult to put into words but it satisfied so many of my questions I had about what happened to my family.

45.    I’d just like to say a sincere thank-you to everyone involved in planning and carrying out this incredible experience for us. It was truly life changing 2 weeks. The chaperones were incredibly supportive and obviously very strong. They were going through what we were going through but they also had to be by our sides and make sure we were okay. I hope this trip continues for generations and generations as it is something so important and necessary for every Jew around the world to participate in.

46.    Thank you to everyone who contributed to this incredible experiene!

47.    Thank you for changing me. You opened me up to something I would never done if I had not done it now. While my grandparents may have said no one could pay them any sum of money for them to return to Poland, I think it’s important to go back and visit, since you can never understand the horrors until you stand in a place where millions of Jews were mass murdered. Thank you once again.

48.    This was by far the most amazing, incredible most ridiculously intense trip/experience I have had and probably will remain that way for a very long time. It is going to be up there in most memorable moments. Everything was so well organized and ran smoothly that it was easy to get lost in your thoughts and feelings without actually getting lost. I learned so much about my history and how much i really do value and love my family. Having chaperones and small groups were great because there was always someone there for you. My small group chaperone was Shira and having her so much closer to our age than the other chaperones made it easier to relate to her and she saw it more on our level; not to say I didn’t love all the chaperones on my bus. Overall, it was absolutely phenomenal…

49.    The March was an incredible experience!

50.    The March was truly indescribable. I am a better person having gone on this journey. I encourage any and all Jewish teens to have this experience because it is one of the most important things I have done with my life.

51.    My chaperones made an enormous impact on my experience and they were all wonderful people and took an interest in getting to know me and help me through this experience. I never thought I could learn so much about my history, myself, my views on the world, people, and how I want to continue living my life as I did on this trip. The balance of Poland and Israel was great as I believe we all needed to enjoy ourselves there although for me in particular I did not feel ready to just stop being sad and be joyous. Israel is a beautiful place… . Thank you for an experience of a lifetime, full of such rich knowledge and information that I am hoping to never forget. I would not take back those two weeks for anything.

52.    We had a great group of people, wonderful staff and Ishay was a fabulous educator. Our Polish security person was also very nice, and the overall trip to Poland will always remain one of the most influential and special experiences of my life. It is difficult to put into words the value of this trip as it is something that is so great I find it hard to describe, however I am grateful for having had the opportunity to take part.

53.    I found the March of the Living to be an outstanding educational experience, which generated a high degree of “proactive” intent and energy on the part of the participants.

54.    The March of the Living was the most incredible experience anybody could ask for. It was brilliantly planned and included everything that we needed to see and do in order to truly grasp the horrors that occurred in Poland and the need to maintain the Jewish life and spirit in Israel today. I was deeply affected by the March and will never forget what I saw and the need to keep the memories of the 6 million alive and ensure that these atrocities never happen again, for any race or religion. The March was the most emotional, moving and inspirational journey of my life and will always stay with me. Thank you for the opportunity to have this experience, it is because of your hard work that the Holocaust will never be forgotten.