Dinner of Miracles XI – Thomas Walther’s Speech

Madam/Mister Chairman,
ladies and gentlemen,
and may I include all of you when I address you most sincerely as – My dear friends!

It was November 3rd when Rabbi Eli Rubenstein asked me whether I would be willing to come at Hanukkah and speak to you all in Toronto. My diary was already well filled with appointments for the days before Christmas. But a diary does not necessarily reflect all the expectations and wishes of people with whom I am bound in love and affection. So it is the ties of affection which have brought me to meet you here today.

You wish me to describe the Groening trial, including the events leading up to it, its planning and execution.

But I would like to start by sharing with you some remarks concerning my own spiritual connection to the guiding principle of Hanukkah.

Read the full speech:
Thomas_Walter_December 10,2015

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