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A Surviving Story from Arnold Friedman

On December 1928, Arnold Friedman was born in Chudlovo, Russia. Arnold had two parents and four siblings; one of them named Tzvi Hersh. Living in his area, which was close to forests, they were able to live like an ordinary observant Jewish family. When Arnold was a year old, his village of Chudlovo burned down […]

Manuscript Project – Marta Green

MOL manuscript   My name is Marta Green, I was born in Hungary in 1929. I was an only child born to two Jewish Parents – Dr. Andor Bodrogi and Elizabeth Manheim. Before the war my family lived in a nice apartment in Budapest with my grandmother. We weren’t religious, but we were proud to […]

Manuscript of Helen Rosenbaum

I have no memories of my childhood in my birthplace-Lublin Poland, we left before I had the chance to make any.  I was only two years old, but I have kept notes of everything. As my father spoke, I wrote, and thats how I am able to tell my whole story. My family decided to […]

Mendel Good – by: Noah Draper

Story of Mendel Good – By: Noah Draper Born:  Mendel Aftergut, March 26, 1925, Nowy Sacz Poland   Could you describe life before the war? I had parents, two brothers, little sister. I had a very happy family. My father was the youngest of 7 children. Our family was large and very close. I was […]

Edith Mozes: Manuscript

Life goes on. You go through things in life, some good, some bad, but it’s about always having hope, and giving love. One of the things I remember through all I have been through, is that money talks, and it can also save your life. I lived in a small town in Hungary, with about […]