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Toronto March of the Living 2015 – Never Again

Toronto March of the Living 2015 – Never Again

A Surviving Story from Arnold Friedman

On December 1928, Arnold Friedman was born in Chudlovo, Russia. Arnold had two parents and four siblings; one of them named Tzvi Hersh. Living in his area, which was close to forests, they were able to live like an ordinary observant Jewish family. When Arnold was a year old, his village of Chudlovo burned down […]

The Torch – Poem by Arnold Friedman

The Torch   It is now [70] years since Jewish life in Europe was extinguished……….   6 000 000 of our fathers and mothers, our old people and our children were slaughtered in the streets, in the forests, starved in the ghettos and murdered in the gas chambers of Auschwitz.   [70] years —. Our […]