Hedy Bohm

“As long as we are able to move, we should continue to tell our stories”

Hedy Bohm was born in 1928, in Oradea, Transylvania, and was an only child to Ignacz, a master cabinet maker, and Erzsebet, a homemaker. In May of 1944, Hedy and her family were sent to the Oradea ghetto, and from there, she was deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau. She was then selected for forced work detail at an ammunition factory and shipped to Fallersleben, Germany in August 1944. Hedy was liberated by American forces in April 1945. Post war, Hedy returned to Romania, where she was able to meet up with cousins, and where she married her husband Imre. They were able to escape to Prague, where an aid organization arranged for this group of Hungarian orphans to get visas to Canada. They arrived in Halifax, Canada in August 1948. Hedy has two children and two grandchildren.

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1a. Prewar Life.mp4
1. Hedy Bohm – Introduction and Prewar Memories
2. Prewar Family
3. Prewar Education
4. Awareness of Hitler
5. Instincts
6. Not Warned
7a. Anti-Semitism.mp4
7. The Yellow Star
8. Hedy’s Aunt
9. Arrival in Auschwitz
10. An Experience at Auschwitz
11a. In the Camp.mp4
11. Life in Auschwitz
11b. Feelings in the Camp.mp4
12. Other Auschwitz Memories
13b. Food and Survival.mp4
13a. Food.mp4
13. Day to day Life
14. Hope
15. Punishments and Humiliations in Auschwitz
16. Friends in Auschwitz
17. Leaving Auschwitz
18. LIfe in the Ammunition Factory
19. Liberation
19a. Postwar Life.mp4
20. Life after Liberation
20a. Growing up after the War.mp4
21. Faith; Leaving Europe
21a. On the Move after the War.mp4
22e. Learning More; A Normal Life.mp4
22d. Learning to Cook.mp4
22. Rebuilding; Coming to Toronto
22a. Hedy’s Husband and Childhood.mp4
22b. Meeting her Husband; Leaving Eastern Europe.mp4
22c. Starting a New Life.mp4
23a. Words of Wisdom.mp4
23. Teaching her Children
24b. PTSD and Memory.mp4
24a. Memories of Her Parents; After the War.mp4
24c. Life Goals; Religion.mp4
24. Holocaust Education
25. Hedy answers Hilda
26. Hedy answers David
27. Andrea
28. The Apartment
29. The School
30. The Temple
31. The Theatre
32. Acknowledgements
33. The Effects of the Shoah.mp4
34. A Survivor’s Story.mp4
35. Remind the World.mp4
36. Setting a Precedent.mp4
37. The Trial.mp4
38. Feelings about the Trial.mp4

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