Martin Baranek

“ I hope that through my shared personal experiences on numerous March of the Living trips, I have impacted numerous teens and adults so that the Shoah cannot and will not repeat itself in the future.”

Martin Baranek was born in 1930 in Starachowice, Poland. After 17 months in a labor camp, he was taken to Auschwitz. In January 1945 he was forced on the Death March from Auschwitz to Mauthausen Concentration Camp. Martin was later forced on another death March to Gunskierchen. There he was liberated by the American Infantry 71st Division on May 4, 1945. He arrived in Italy in June of 1945 before going on Aliyah-Bet on an illegal ship to Palestine. After a forced stay in Cyprus, Martin landed in Palestine where he was placed in the Atlit Detention Camp. Martin fought in the 1948 War of Independence. In December of 1948, he arrived in Canada and was reunited with his Mother. In 1953, Martin married Betty Eidelman. Together they raised four children and are proud grandparents of nine grandchildren.

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1. Martin Baranek – Prewar Memories; The Start of the War.mp4
2. The Ghetto.mp4
3. Rounded Up.mp4
4. A Story about Martin’s Parents.mp4
5. The Market Square.mp4
6. Escape and Work at the Factory.mp4
7. “I’m 15 years old”.mp4
8. The Red Army Approaching.mp4
9. Arrival at Auschwitz.mp4
10. Avoiding Selection.mp4
11. Avoiding Selection…Again; The Death March.mp4
12. Gunskirchen.mp4
13. After Liberation; In Italy Crestwood OHP.mp4
14. Life and Near Death in Italy.mp4
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17. The Gift of Memory.mp4
18. Poland- Memories of School and Anti-Semitism.mp4
19. Jewish Life in Poland before the War.mp4
20. August 1939.mp4
21. Increasing Anti-Semitism.mp4
22. Life in the Ghetto; The Will to Survive.mp4
23. Revisiting the Camps.mp4
24. Religion – Before and After.mp4
25. Immigration Restrictions.mp4
26. Psychological Recovery.mp4

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